Agribank warned of fraud via SMS earlier this year

Agribank warns customers to be cautious when receiving text messages via SMS, Zalo, and Facebook with the content of “receiving New Year’s lucky money”.

According to the announcement from Agribank, during the New Year’s Day 2021, there appeared subjects who used tricks to send “lucky money” messages via SMS, Zalo, Facebook. such as:,,, … The fake website has the same name, logo, interface similar to the website interface, official payment application of Agribank.

When accessing websites and applications that are fake, customers are required to access, log in and confirm information such as: user or password to log in to Agribank E-Mobile Banking, Internet Banking; OTP code … From there, the fraudster will take over the customer’s account …

Agribnak’s staff support customers at the transaction counter. Photo: Agribnak.

In order to avoid fraudulent forms and ensure safety in transactions, Agribank notes that customers absolutely do not access links, links in messages or emails of unknown or unknown origin. Agribank never requires customers to provide confidential information in any form.

Customers only log into e-banking services through Agribank’s official website. Customers restrict using public computers or public wireless networks when accessing the electronic banking system.

In addition, customers do not provide online banking username, password, OTP authentication code, bank card number via phone, email, social network and website. Set passwords that are hard to guess, change them frequently or when you suspect it’s leaked. Do not use password saving features for automatic login, do not use the same password for online banking login, and email password or password to log in to social networks.

Agribank recommends that customers register for the notification of transaction balance changes, use Smart OTP authentication method when online transactions and regularly monitor and update warnings about safety and security in payment. online from service providers, the mass media.

(Source: Agribank)

Agribank will continue to update all forms of fraud, fake websites with domain names and interfaces similar to that of Agribank on the website, Fanpage and send notifications directly via email and on the Agribank E-Mobile Banking application to customer.


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