Agent “discharging warehouse”, Mazda2 sold only from 459 million

Accordingly, Mazda dealers nationwide have recently started the program Discount Mazda2 with a starting level of only 459 million. However, this discount program will only apply to the pre-facelift 2019 Mazda2 models. Therefore, the number of vehicles is not much.

Specifically, most dealers only have variants available hatchback of the Mazda2 2019 with 2 versions Deluxe and Luxury. The listed selling prices for these two versions are VND 459 and VND 499 million, respectively. In addition, there are also a number of agents who still stock the most advanced version of the 2019 sedan and are offered for sale for VND495 million. In addition to the competitive price, customers who buy the Mazda2 2019 model also have the opportunity to receive accessory packages from the dealer.

All batches of Mazda2 cars with this discount are in the previous version to push inventory.

For the facelift 2020 version, the Mazda2 continues to be sold with two sedan and hatchback variants. Price for Mazda2 2020 from 479 to 619 million dong. Because the imported Thai car does not enjoy the tax incentives of the Government, the manufacturer also offers to customers who buy a car with the program to support 50% of the registration fee during this period.

Overall, the Mazda2 2019 and the upgraded 2020 version do not have much difference. The main changes of the facelift version come from the equipment equipment such as the upgraded display screen on the HUD, the entertainment screen that supports smartphone connectivity or the most expensive package of safety equipment. i-Activsense …


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