Accessories will “save” Apple when the iPhone 12 does not break through

MagSafe wireless charging technology is a strategy to stimulate the iPhone with potential accessories included.

Apple revived one of its favorite technologies at its iPhone launch – MagSafe, wireless charging technology.

If the old MagSafe is the wireless charging feature for the laptop, the new MagSafe is the exclusive accessory for the iPhone.

With MagSafe, it takes complete control of its utility ecosystem while offering other advanced features such as 15W fast charging.

Apple is turning MagSafe into a versatile charging dock for all its devices. For example, the MagSafe Duo charger for both Apple Watch and iPhone or the 3-in-1 MagSafe charger allows charging one Apple Watch, one AirPods, and one iPhone at the same time.

Thanks to MagSafe, Apple is able to remove the charging ports on the iPhone and switch them to the USB-C ports like on MacBooks and iPads. MagSafe also helps make devices thinner and more waterproof.

MagSafe is less bulky than traditional chargers and supports magnets to help adjust the position of the device when plugged in. Users do not have to worry about the charger head being bent, broken cable or damaging the charging port of the phone.

The “rebirth” MagSafe carries its financial incentive. In recent quarters, the “Wearables, Home and Accessories” segment, which includes products such as Apple Watch, AirPods, cables and chargers, has often brought in low sales, along with the slow sales of the iPhone. Apple has to rely more on its ecosystem and other services.

Hand-held magnetic wallet. Photo: Apple

Investing in MagSafe will be an effective stimulus strategy for the iPhone with the introduction of MagSafe-based accessories such as pens, portable purses, zoom lenses, magnetic cases and red-colored charging cases that Apple manufacturing.

PopSocket, the maker of detachable components for the iPhone, is sure to research products that incorporate MagSafe in the near future.

Apple-fan has been against the elimination of earphones on the iPhone and some users prefer collecting iPhone accessories over the years. So the big question now is will users agree with the removal of the charging port on the iPhone? And is Apple enough to convince them that MagSafe really brings a better life?


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