A young man was seriously injured after a crackling sound during the landing phase while playing football

On the afternoon of June 16, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Manh Khanh, Deputy Director of Viet Duc Hospital, Head of Surgery Department Injury Sports Medicine and Upper Extremity Hospital, said doctors had just operated on two male patients who suffered serious sports injuries while playing football.

Among these is a male patient VT (33 years old, in Bac Ninh), who has just had surgery due to anterior cruciate ligament rupture and meniscus tear. The patient said that 2.5 months ago he was playing football, while landing, he heard a “click” sound in his right leg and accompanied by a sharp pain.

Young man seriously injured while playing football

“After that, I still walked normally, but when I exercised vigorously, my ankle was very painful, it was difficult to move the flexible ankle joint. When I went to the local hospital, the doctor advised on rehabilitation exercises to be stable. However, after nearly 2 months of practice, this condition still did not improve, at this time I was referred to Viet Duc Hospital for treatment,” – patient T. shared.

According to Assoc. Khanh, patient T. is one of the late cases of hospitalization. The patient was diagnosed with a knee injury, specifically anterior cruciate ligament rupture and meniscus tear, and required arthroscopic surgery. Currently, the patient has been operated on, but due to late treatment, the right leg shows signs of atrophy smaller than the left leg, the injured leg also loses muscle and has difficulty in stretching. Currently, the patient is assigned to practice rehabilitation after surgery.

Doctors said that recently, the hospital received and treated many sports-related injuries, most of which were between the ages of 20 and 35 (accounting for 70-80%). The most common sports injuries are: Football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, resistance sports with dislocated shoulder, even running, cycling, yoga, aerobic exercise…

According to Assoc. Khanh, the cases coming to the hospital due to sports injuries have different degrees of severity and lightness. At a mild level, the patient only has swelling of the soft tissue, causing pain, fatigue and discomfort to the practitioner… However, there are also severe injuries that cause the patient to have persistent and prolonged pain, which can stretch the lateral ligaments. around the joint, tendon rupture, rupture of the anterior or posterior cruciate ligament in the knee joint, or rupture of the ligament around the ankle joint…

Assoc. Khanh noted to sports players, when they feel unusual pain after playing sports, they need to go to a medical facility early for examination. “In fact, many people suffer from injuries but subjectively only apply hot or cold compresses, bear bile, hot oil… when the pain lasts a long time before going to the hospital, it has left unfortunate complications such as secondary meniscus tears. , wear down cartilage, reduce the life of joints … “There have been many cases, patients suffering from joint swelling, dislocation, pain and fatigue were treated with herbal medicine, acupuncture … making the disease worse”- Assoc. Khanh noted.

According to experts, sports injuries that are not diagnosed and treated in time will become chronic and difficult to recover. If this condition is prolonged, it will reduce the quality of life and affect the patient’s normal motor function.

Therefore, when the patient has symptoms of pain, joint loosening, limitation of sports and activities, it is necessary to see a specialist doctor for examination, consultation and treatment. In particular, patients should not be subjective and arbitrarily buy prescriptions to use or use tobacco, herbal medicine of unknown origin, or massage. In some cases, it is very dangerous to go to healers to pull, straighten, and jerk, making it difficult for the doctor to treat later.

In order to limit the risks of sports injuries and properly treat them, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on June 25, leading experts in the field of orthopedic injuries will examine and advise free of charge diseases. sports injury reasons. People can register for a check-up through the hotline 19001902 (Viet Duc Hospital).

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