A young man has a long steel wire stuck in his eye

On June 17, the Central Eye Hospital said that the hospital had just received a case of an occupational accident that caused the foreign body to be wire long right eye.

The patient is Mr. TT (27 years old, in Phu Tho), admitted to the hospital with a steel wire plugged into his eye. Mr. T. said that 5 hours before being admitted to the hospital, he was cutting steel wire when he had an accident.

A young man is hospitalized with a long steel wire plugged into his eye – Photo: Provided by the doctor

Doctor – Doctor Pham Hong Van, Deputy Head of Plastic Surgery Department, Central Eye Hospital, who directly performed emergency surgery on the patient, said that after the accident, the patient held the steel wire firmly in place. in the eye and was taken to the emergency room at Viet Duc Hospital. After excluding traumatic brain injury, the patient was transferred to the Central Eye Hospital for treatment of the injury.

Examination results showed that the foreign body was a steel wire with a diameter of about 3 mm, inserted into the thickness of the cornea from the center of the eye. The patient was indicated for surgery to remove the foreign body and suture the cornea.

“After the steel wire was removed, the patient’s cornea was assessed to have extensive damage, tearing the corneal layer deep, wide, jagged, with a lot of dirt inside. The doctors cleaned the tear and stitched it up. After 2 days of surgery, the incision is closed, the assessment of eye function needs to continue to be monitored “- Dr. Van shared.

According to Dr. Van, in this case, the patient was conscious of fixing the foreign body so as not to cause further damage to the surrounding areas. In order not to further damage the healthy tissue, cause bleeding and deepen the foreign body, when a foreign object is shot into the eye, people should not move or arbitrarily withdraw the foreign body. In addition, during work, it is recommended to wear safety glasses to limit accidents of foreign bodies plugged into the eyes, as well as reduce the risk of eye damage.

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