A programmer writes software to detect students distracting from studying online

Realizing the difficulties of teachers and parents in student management, a programmer in Hanoi wrote software to detect students’ distraction when learning online and control children’s activities.

In recent years, many parents and teachers have reported that when learning online, children often lose focus because of chatting, playing games, accessing websites that are not suitable for their age. The fact that students work separately during online lessons or are engrossed in training causes the quality of training to be seriously reduced, teachers worry because it is difficult to manage and supervise the classroom, while parents are not assured when go to work.

VX-Student is a solution for managing students and children accessing computers, supporting both parents and teachers in teaching and learning online. Specifically, VX-Student allows parents to prevent their children from playing games, visiting websites with unhealthy content, understand and strictly control computer and internet behavior, providing advanced configuration to match. with children’s learning and play. This smart blocking feature is extremely helpful in providing a safe online environment for your kids.

The most special feature of VX-Student is that this software helps parents and teachers to immediately find out whether their children or students are distracting or not even when not sitting with them. This will minimize the situation of children “taking advantage of” to work separately on the computer during online lessons.

According to research, this software was written and shared free of charge by Mr. Nguyen Huu Quan, a programmer in Hanoi working at JobOKO recruitment project. Although this is a software installed on children’s computers, teachers and parents can still control remotely via the web or phone.

“I find that parents and teachers have many difficulties when children learn online, so I spent 2 days of the weekend writing this software, hoping this will be an effective child management tool “, Mr. Quan said.

The screen displays a warning to the teacher when a student is distracted.

In addition to the above features, this computer management tool also provides a number of other options for parents users. For example, parents can set up a list of allowed and disallowed software / websites, block access to fixed timeframes so that, after finishing online learning, their children can still have fun on their computer. . Thus, even if parents work, they can still control the child’s use of computers and web access.

Mr. Quan lives in Hanoi, is a member of the JobOKO project team.

Software such as VX-Student will not only be useful during the period of teaching and learning online because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also for parents to control their children’s daily use of computers. Hopefully in the future there will be more solutions for the community, making sense as this software is replicated and more popular.


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