A close-up look at Hongqi H5 2022, the “rival” of Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Actual pictures show, New Hongqi H5 2022 has “appearance” not much different from “brother” Hongqi H9, only the size is changed, more compact. Specifically, according to data on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, the Hongqi H5 2022 has a length of 4,988 mm, a width of 1,875 mm, a height of 1,470 mm and a wheelbase of 2,920 mm.In terms of design, the first part of the sedan Hongqi H5 2022 The mid-size stands out with a large chrome-plated grille that covers the entire face of the car. In the center of the grid, there is also the Hong Ky logo, which is designed with a thin red stripe, running along and “halving” the bonnet as well as the grille.Lying on either side of the grille is a light system with a slender, sharp LED daytime running light strip above, while below are the main headlights. Below the front bumper of Hongqi H5 2022, there is also a shiny chrome splint, the design extending to the sides of the fender adds a premium look to this mid-size sedan. In addition, there are welcome lights running along the sides of the grille and chrome splints on the front spoiler.On the side of the car, the Hongqi H5 2022 has many chrome-plated details such as window rims or splints under the door. Behind the front fenders, there are red decorative details as accents. To bring a more luxurious and high-class look, the Hongqi H5 2022 is designed with a glass pane between the C and D pillars. The door handles of the car still have the old design while the new models in China are now old. switch to a hidden door handle.Moving to the rear, the Hongqi H5 2022 is equipped with the same taillights as on the H9, with a design inspired by Tiananmen. The two taillights are connected by LED strips and chrome braces, creating a wider feel at the rear. Deep to the bottom are 2 rectangular fake exhaust tips surrounded by shiny chrome splints.If the exterior design of the Hongqi H5 2022 is “one nine one ten” with the H9, the interior is completely different. The interior space of the D-class sedan is mostly leather. If the H9’s infotainment screen stretches across the dashboard, the Hongqi H5 2022 has a vertical design, connected to the center console.The car is equipped with a 3-spoke steering wheel integrated with function keys, behind is a digital dashboard with an LCD screen. Add to that a compact gear lever, electronic handbrake, automatic temporary brake hold and wireless smartphone charging.Until recently, Hongqi’s models were all developed based on design platforms provided by FAW’s joint venture partners, including: Volkswagen-Audi, Mazda and Toyota. Regarding transmission, Hongqi H5 2022 is equipped with 3 types of engines. The first is a 4-cylinder, turbocharged, 1.5-liter gasoline engine, producing a maximum capacity of 166 horsepower. The second is a turbocharged petrol engine, 2.0L capacity, for a maximum capacity of 221 horsepower. The third is a hybrid powertrain with a 1.5L turbocharged petrol engine and an electric motor.Although it is a D-class sedan, the opponent that Hongqi H5 2022 is aiming for is not Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. Instead, there are luxury sedans like the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Show level car price Hongqi H5 2022 not yet announced.Video: Details Hongqi H5 2022, “rival” Mercedes-Benz E-Class.


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