86.8 billion VND has been spent by Hanoi Social Security to support employees

On October 15, leaders of Hanoi Social Security said that the implementation of Resolution 116 on support For employees (employees) and employers (employers) affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, by the end of October 14, the City Social Security has settled to receive support from the unemployment insurance fund (UI) for 30,673 Employees are participating in unemployment insurance and 8,109 people have stopped participating in unemployment insurance with a total amount of 86.8 billion VND.

In addition, implementing the policy of reducing contributions to the UI fund for employers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, right from October 4, Hanoi Social Security has completed and notified 84,510 employers with 1,366. 703 employees, the reduction amount to be paid into the 12 month unemployment insurance fund is 1,177 billion VND.

Employees receive support money through personal accounts

According to the leader of the Hanoi Social Security Administration, immediately after receiving the guiding documents and instructions from all levels, the City Social Security quickly deployed to professional departments and social insurance agencies of districts, towns.

In the past few days, the implementation of support policies has always been accurate, convenient, on time, in accordance with regulations, not to abuse or take advantage of the State’s policies. Implement settlement and payment in a timely, public and transparent manner, without additional procedures. For the dossiers upon receipt with correct and sufficient information, the social insurance agency will handle them with a 50% reduction in time compared to regulations, ie shortened to only 5 working days.

In the coming time, Hanoi Social Security will continue to mobilize all efforts to implement support policies from the unemployment insurance fund according to regulations, and at the same time coordinate with all levels and sectors so that businesses and employees can quickly benefit from the policy and reduce difficulties. difficulties, stabilize life, restore and develop production and business.

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