8 talents that will change the Vietnam League in the future

Gray, Quang Hai or BirdLB have all shown their excellent performance in the top League of Vietnam.

After a long time traveling in many different teams, Quang Hai is making a mark on the V Gaming shirt. The maturity, sure hand in fighting style helped Quang Hai step up to the new “God of the Forest” position of the Vietnamese League of Nations. At mobile phone in Spring 2021, he also made a great contribution to bringing V Gaming to the 2 play-off match. Although he had to stop before Team Flash, Quang Hai and his team had a successful season.

BirdLB is also an important factor in V Gaming’s great journey in mobile phone Spring 2021. Since he returned to the top lane position, V Gaming has completely transformed, continuously sublimated and brought back to the top impressions. BirdLB possesses good skills, a wide pool of generals and the ability to create mutants. After not being able to shine for a long time, BirdLB is now a promising name for the Vietnam Coalition.

Gray was famous early on when he wore the MZD Esports shirt. However, he went through a difficult road, struggling to find a suitable stop after MZD disbanded. Gray joined Team Flash at the beginning of the 2021 season, making a big change. He became the heir to ADC as well as a future with Flash. Gray is still immature in his fighting style, lacking the courage to take on the team. However, his talent and intelligent thinking will help him develop in the future.

20Percent did not have a lot of land to perform at the time of wearing Cerberus Esports. After joining BOX Gaming, 20Percent changed completely. He played confidently, showing his ability to take on the team in the return leg of mobile phone in spring 2021. 20Percent dared to bring strange cards to make a mutation in the style of fighting. Next time, BOX future depends heavily on 20Percent.

WhiteT played most prominently on the FAP Esports side in mobile phone spring 2021. ShieldG is highly appreciated, has high expectations, but WhiteT is the one who takes on the role of the team. He plays many marksman generals, plays smart, has the ability to hold a position in fighting well. Together with Ara, Daim, WhiteT is believed to shine in the future.

During the turn to mobile phone in the spring of 2021, many times, ADC and Lai Bang did not draw attention as Judas. Completely replacing 20Percent in the jungle position, Judas led Cerberus to knock down a series of bloody names, Team Flash, BOX Gaming, FAP Esports. Not only that, he also finished 2nd with the team in the standings after the first stage. In the upcoming tournaments, Judas needs to improve more skills and bravery to achieve better results.

Bet rookie Saigon Phantom (SGP) recruited before the turn to mobile phone spring 2021. He was highly appreciated in terms of skill as well as general tank when he had not pursued the path of professional competition. The fish took the mid lane position and soon merged with SGP. Not only that, as a newcomer, he still competes fairly with Lac Lac for the main hit. In the near future, Fish is an important factor for SGP to continue rebuilding the lineup.

Triet has not had a good season in the HEAVY shirt. The team only finished 8th on the mobile phone rankings in the spring and had to go down to play in Series B (the 2nd League of Nations in Vietnam). However, Triet still played well, with many impressive performances over the past time. He has skills, vision and good thinking as an ADC (team carry ADC). What Triet lacks is time as well as a stable team.


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