5 reasons Vietnamese customers trust VinFast electric motorbikes

Move with peace of mind in all conditions

VinFast is distributing a wide range of electric motorcycle products in the Vietnamese market, including Ludo, Impes, Feliz, Klara S and Theon. Despite being in different segments, all five models above meet the highest dust and water resistance standards for the engine and battery pack.

Users can safely use VinFast electric motorbikes under all weather conditions, whether under the summer heat, sudden rains or flooded roads. Meanwhile, traditional gasoline motorcycles have the potential to stall under heavy rain and flooded roads, because water can easily penetrate the spark plugs, exhaust pipes or detailed engine parts.

The problem of recharging electric motorcycles used to make many consumers hesitant, but VinFast actively found a solution. The company is deploying thousands of charging and battery exchange stations across the country, with a unique 24/7 battery rescue service in the market. These are all policies that no other car company can do, helping users’ journeys not be interrupted.

5 cups because Vietnamese customers believe in using VinFast-Hinh-2

Fashion style

Joining hands with the world’s leading design units, Ital Design and Torino Design of Italy to sketch delicate, trendy and extremely dynamic lines for its electric motorcycles, VinFast has step by step changing the perception of users about the poor and unattractive electric cars of the last decade. Modern, simple but still elegant are common features of VinFast electric motorcycles, bringing a very stylish style to the owner.

If the Ludo and Impes models attract the eyes with a modern and dynamic design for students, Klara S and Feliz conquer the office world with elegant and elegant designs. Most especially, next to the new “super product” VinFast Theon launched in early 2021, VinFast’s Flagship model has a strong, sporty design and a series of outstanding technological features that have completely conquered the gentlemen. The most difficult Vietnamese.

Many outstanding technologies and utilities

Thanks to the integration of eSIM, VinFast electric scooters can connect to smartphones via the VinFast eScooter application, integrating many outstanding smart features such as anti-theft warning, cruise monitoring, battery status check, station search. In particular, the high-end Theon model with modern technology: one-touch car start feature via mobile phone, smartkey smart key has satisfied even difficult customers. most counted.

Notably, Ludo and Impes are both fully equipped with the same utilities as more advanced electric motorcycles in VinFast’s product range. The integrated eSIM feature and smartphone connection help users manage and identify vehicle problems quickly, and easily protect assets when a bad case occurs. There have been many cases of owners of VinFast electric motorbikes regaining their property after losing the plug thanks to this technology. On the Vietnamese electric motorcycle market, with a price range of less than VND 14.9 million, users cannot find other models with full technology and utilities such as VinFast Ludo and Impes.

5 cups because Vietnamese customers believe in using VinFast-Hinh-3 cars

No discharge

On summer days, traveling in the city by two-wheeler is likened to torture. The hot sun and exhaust from cars and motorbikes, especially during rush hour, make road users feel tired and stuffy. Even, Nikkei Asia once commented that gasoline-powered motorbikes are more environmentally damaging than coal-fired plants, because the number of motorbikes in circulation in Vietnam has reached more than 50 million units.

Electric scooters are considered the most practical solution at the moment. With a closed operating mechanism, the emissions emitted from VinFast electric motorbikes are always zero. Reducing emissions from vehicles not only eliminates stuffiness, but also helps people avoid diseases related to vehicles. Respiratory.

No noise

Without 4 cycles of charging, compression, explosion, and discharge like gasoline motorbikes, VinFast electric motorbikes can eliminate almost all operating noise. This is what has convinced many Vietnamese customers who are annoyed with noise pollution – a problem of modern urban areas in Vietnam.

“I switched to using electric motorbikes with the desire to make a small contribution to reducing urban noise. Besides, I think that people will gradually realize the advantages and switch to using this type of vehicle, thereby forming green cities with no noise emitted from traffic vehicles,” said Ms. Hanh bought the Klara S last year emphasized when she said she felt uncomfortable with noisy cities.

All VinFast electric motorcycles are researched and developed methodically, using components and technologies from the world’s biggest and most prestigious brands. The chassis passed hundreds of hours of testing and the tests spanned tens of thousands of kilometers. Therefore, the car always operates according to the manufacturer’s functions and designs

Following the success of April, VinFast continues to offer incentives for customers to buy electric motorbikes in May. Specifically, customers who buy Impes and Ludo will receive 1 free Lithium-ion battery and charger with a total value of 1 free Lithium-ion battery and charger. 9.7 million VND.


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