1993 Toyota Supra MkIV “transforms” Bentley Continental as genuine

Code-named A80, the 4th generation of the Toyota Supra is a fairly rare and desired model regardless of status. As a result, purely Japanese enthusiasts will feel angry in front of the car 1993 Toyota Supra Bentley clone this.Piece luxury car Bentley Continental The “fake” in the photo above is currently in the Netherlands, and its owner is selling it online for 19,950 Euros (equivalent to 560 million VND), a cheap price compared to other MkIVs. The reason this classic Japanese sports car is so cheap is of course because the body of the Continental GT3 has ruined the original design.The seller did not mention the source of this super luxury Bentley bodywork from the Toyota Supra MkIV and who is responsible for the build, but a positive point is that the odometer of the car has just over 127,000. km only.The car still carries a 2JZ-GE 6-cylinder engine inline with a capacity of 3.0 liters. It produces 220 hp at 5,800 rpm and 285 Nm of peak torque at 4,800 rpm by genuine standards.When it was new, the 2JZ engine could help the 1993 Supra reach 96 km / h in 6.8 seconds, not bad for a classic sports car that was born nearly 30 years ago. The 2JZ engine is also known for its extraordinarily durable factory parts, which explains why it is so popular in the aftermarket community.Returning to the quirky Toyota Supra in this article, through the photos, we see that the car’s interior is somewhat messy. From the steering wheel to the seats, seat belts and floor mats, everything feels careless and unsanitary.The interior surface has many worn and torn areas that hit the eyes, thereby showing that it did not have the ideal life with the previous owner. Anyway, the engine and chassis are just right Toyota Supra MkIV It is also worth the price requested above.If you are lucky, the car will fall into the hands of a true Japanese car enthusiast, and decide to spend some extra money to restore it to its original shape, and even make it into the “killer on the track. drag ”.Video: See the 1993 Toyota Supra MkIV “transforming” Bentley Continental.


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