106-year-old grandmother was saved after a fracture in the house

On the afternoon of January 14, Cho Ray Hospital (Ho Chi Minh City) said that it had just coordinated multi-specialist surgery to successfully replace a joint for a 106-year-old patient.

Patient is an old lady, she slipped in the house and broke her neck in her left thigh. She received first aid at the local medical facility before being transferred to Cho Ray Hospital for emergency.

BSCK1 Tran Phuoc Binh, Department of Trauma and Orthopedics – Cho Ray Hospital, said Mrs. K. was hospitalized in a state of physical exhaustion, accompanied by many underlying fibrosis, cardiomyopathy, lying still, painful. The primary management doctors actively treat cardiovascular, endothelial, and physical enhancement … before proceeding to the next steps.

The 106-year-old grandmother was successfully replaced by a hip replacement

The replacement of the artificial hip joint for Mr. K. was performed by Dr. Le Van Tuan, Head of the Department of Orthopedics Trauma (the main surgery) with the active support of the anesthesia departments of resuscitation and active resuscitation. After more than 1 week, K is recovering health, stable performance, sitting, eating, standing, walking with support frame.

According to Dr. Binh, this is the oldest patient to have a femoral neck replacement at Cho Ray Hospital. The biggest difficulty in this case is that people who are too old to have medical problems, weak body, and fractures make this serious condition. In addition, this is a major surgery, so the obstacle is anesthesia, but with a smooth and close coordination during the surgery, the operation has been successful.

Neck fracture of the femur is common in patients 60-70 years of age and older and the current treatment direction is partial joint replacement, about 30-45 minutes to complete, solving the problem of pain, rotation, movement, patient recovery dress earlier. Previously – when this technique was not available – combined bone surgery or piercing to pull weights led to prolonged treatment time, patient pain, long recovery …

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